I am using the SRV_PWNotify password notification service driver from:

The driver is setup and seems to work just fine. Then after a period of
time, the driver simply stops responding. I can't stop it or restart it.
The trace shows nothing other than the last successful heartbeat

The only way to recover is by ndsd restart. Once I do that the driver
starts working, only to die again after a period of time (maybe a day,
though there does not seem to be an exact pattern).

I am not having this problem with the other loopback I am using.

I am on IdM 3.5.1 and the driver is running on SLES 10.

I do have the Interval setup to 5 minutes in the GCVs. I am thinking of
setting that less agressively, though I don't see what that would cause a
problem. I am not sure what to look at next.

Any help would be appreciated. I was counting on this driver for the start
of the semester.

Jeff Rollette