We have an IDM driver thats been working for a long time. It connects to
a GW7.0.2 domain on a SLES10 SP1 server that provisions accounts to

We've recently noticed some issues with user creations, and am now
seeing this error below -

<status event-id="xxx#20080822043134#2#2" level="success"/>
<status code="**ERROR** Event-id gw6 status = warning; "
event-id="xxx1#20080822043134#2#2" level="error" type="app-general">
<code>**ERROR** Event-id gw6 status = warning; </code>
<description>Error publishing data to eDirectory</description>

Basically the eDir account is there, the GW account is in ConsoleONE and
the user object appears ok with a FID. However, when the users try to
login, it just gives an error that the user doesnt exist.

Any thoughts? Next step is to do some GroupWise and DSRepairs, but this
has been working for a long time....