Something really strange happened to my AD driver today. This morning
our user complained AD accounts were not created, so I looked at the
driver status using "dxcmd". It showed driver as running, but I did not
see anything transaction being processed for that AD driver using
iMonitor. I stopped the driver using "dxcmd" successfully. When I
started the driver, the status for the AD driver stayed at "starting and
did not change to "running". When I looked at the iMonitor, it only
showed the following two lines.

-10:26:55 467CBBB0 DirXML: ENG EV: SetDriverStateHandler: setting
driver <.Active Directory.driverset.idm.esc.PRODIDVTREE.> state to <1>
10:26:55 467CBBB0 DirXML: ENG EV: SetDriverStateHandler: reporting
state change to <1> for driver <.Active

I had to restart ndsd to solve the issue. Anyone knows what the problem
was? or how can I find out more information about the issue? I am
running IDM 3.5 and eDire8739 on RedHat Linux.


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