On a new system I need to provision instead of doing a flat container I
am going to need to spread it out over maybe 20 containers. I have a
couple of ideas

1) Use the java random function to get a number between 1-20 I can use in
a placement rule. Sometimes though random if not being able to seed
properly is not truly random though

2) Fill up container1 first with say 5000 accounts, then move to
container2. The problem is that with this population coming and going I
could easily lose a couple of hundred accounts in a container a day, so
kind of blows this

3) Increment an attribute on each container when someone is added.
Everytime someone is added query for this attribute on each container and
add to the container with the least value.

Just looking for some thoughts where I do not have lots of lopsided
containers. This probably be a population of nearly 200,000 users.