I've used RBE's extensively but having a problem in this particular
environment. Membership has been confirmed (Test Filter) but the
entitlement is never granted. This is a new RBE and only one user in
the tree currently meets the criteria. Doing a Level 3 trace of the
entitlements driver shows it being triggered and completing with a
Success status but it isn't actually assigning the entitlement. What
else can I do to troubleshoot this?

In case it helps, this is a tree with over 100,000 user objects. The
entitlements driver is running on a server with a M or R/W replica for
all partitions in the tree. The search base of the membership has to
be the top level organization because objects are distributed
throughout. The query is:
(&(objectclass=User)(idautoInternetAllow=N)(employ eeType=S))... All 3
attributes are indexed as "Value" index type.


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