Hi, I have the following environment:

Server1: eDirectory with Security Services 2.0.5 and IDM 3.5.1
Server1: eDirectory with Security Services 2.0.5 and Novell
audit 2.0.2

I want to audit idm events with novell audit.

The Novell audit documentation says that the PA (Platform Agent) is
installed with the IDM egine.
My audit SLS is working fine, because is auditing eDirectory events and
other stuff AND EVEN IDM events.

The thing is, in the IDM installation, under utilities there is an
option called "Registering Identity Manager with Novell Audit"
If I try to install this in Server1 the installation claims that I dont
have audit installed in my tree. But if I try to install it in Server2,
it installs.

The question is, what is this component and what it does?? The
documentation doesn't say much ("/When the Identity Manager installation
program completes this operation, it extends the eDirectory schema to
include the Identity Manager instrumentation and events and it registers
the Identity Manager application object with the Secure Logging Server./").

As I understand, the IDM instrumentation is necesary for novell audit,
but the default audit installation brings the IDM instrumentation, and
it audits IDM events (even custom ones) without this component installed.

Can anyone help me with this?

thanks in advance,


PD: I'm sory if anyone see this as a double-posting, I had some
problems with mi thunderbird lately.