We have 70,000 Domino users and many Lotus Notes databases that are
currently provisioned via 18 IDM 3.5.1 and IDM 2.x drivers.

We have a project to upgrade the Domino from V5.x, V6.x and V7.x to
V8.0x or V8.5.

We waited for some sort of Domino 8 support announcement with the IDM
3.6 release and have seen zero.

I know some people claim that 3.51 and 3.6 have no problems with
Domino 8 as long as everything is Windows based.

However, we need the OFFICIAL word from Novell.

Is Domino 8.x supported by the IDM 3.6 Notes Driver?

If so, any specific version or platform dependencies?

Are there plans to support the new ID Vault features of Domino 8.5?