Can anybody point to some decent documentation (no, not the stuff on
Novell's site) of how to configure the GroupWise Driver to do some basic
stuff? I've read over the "DirXML Driver for GroupWise Implementation
Guide" however, it talks about things that do not exist. Example is on
page 34 (of the PDF) where it mentions "Enter attribute name" of
"Distribution List DN". That doesn't exist. I've also read over these
forums where people are asking the same questions, but I'm not seeing any
specific straight-forward HOWTOs...specific to Designer would be nice,
but if documented via iManager then that's fine too.

Things we are needing to accomplish are the following:

Sync phone, title, department from eDirectory to GWise7.

Auto-add, based on eDirectory context, a user to a specific PO and
Distribution list.

Auto-move, again based on eDirectory context, a user from one PO to

I've been to the "ATT" class, and came back with great knowledge of how
to open up and launch Designer.....however, nothing specific on how to
get things done. Well, nothing specific to GroupWise...more time was
spent with PeopleSoft and Active Directory. Would really appreciate a
point in the right direction here. Need to get some automation out of
this product ASAP.