I think this issue is eDirectory driver only.

Say you had a synced system. Objects on both sides have Assoc values.

Then you screw it all up (Which is normal in my world) and you try to

Well lets say in the Vault, the Associations all go away (Say the Driver
object was deleted so all the Association values automatically disappear).

Well now you rely on your matching rule to fix this up. No problem, it
finds a match, returns an error that an association already exists on
the object.

So now what?

Knowing this event happened, (trashed the driver on one side) I can fix
this by using a tool like DAModifier (novell consulting Hungary's tool!
It is very well done!).

How do I fix this in policy? I am stumped, since the error occurs after
my matching rule fires, but I do not seem to get to process the event
after the error occurs...

Do I need to catch the error on the other Drivers Input transform, and
strip it there?