Hi everyone,

since moving my two idm engine servers (one driverset, drivers disabled on the first, running on the other) from sles9/edir87310 to sles10/edir882 (fresh install, no update) I see inconsistent RBE evaluations that drive me crazy.
Users with entitlements that include the condition "Login Disabled is not True" seem to get the assocated entitlements granted and revoked on a random basis.
I can even use iman (2.7.1 with idm3.6 plugins) to reevaluate a container with users, and some of the users get an entitlement revoked. When I reevaluate those users one by one a minute later, they get the same entitlements granded again. Totally strange!
I even deleted and recreated the entitlement driver, as well as some of the affected RBE policies, does not make any difference...
Anyone else having seen something in this fashion before? Are there any known issues with RBE in idm351, edir 882 or with the new 3.6 plugins managing 351?

Cheers, Lothar