I now have Lothar's driver running in our environment and it works good.
The only problem I am having at the moment is that for some reason it
stops sending both the debug and user e-mail messages (it's been
happening on occasion - even during testing) for no apparent reason.
The driver shows green like it is still running but for some reason it
just ceases to send e-mail For instance, I turned on the driver last
night before I left from work - it continued through the night and then it
just stopped sending messges today. I then have to go in and attempt to
stop the driver via imanager (which it will not stop successfully) then I
have to use the dxcmd command at the netware console to stop the driver.
Once I have done that I then have to unload dirxml.nlm and reload before
the driver will actually startup correctly.

I currently have the driver setup to run every hour (is this to much -
should I go to a daily scenario - is that part of the problem?).

The driver is also running along side 2 other drivers (one of which is
another loopback type of driver). Should I load this driver on another

Any ideas as to how I can troubleshoot this problem? Any best practices
that I should be following with this driver?