I have an Identity Vault on server1 linked to two applications on
server2 : an eDir application and a GW application wich are
eDir of GW is this eDir application.
I've made eDir to eDir drivers to manage eDir application from Identity
Vault and a GW driver to manage GW application from eDir application.
As I make changes in Identity Vault, changes are reported in both
applications : eDir and GW.

My problem comes as I rename a user fom Identity Vault.
User is correctly renamed in eDir. But for GroupWise, a new account
with new name is created and the old one is disabled.
Problem in GroupWise is that the new account does not keep the mails of
the previous account.

In filter rules, User class is synchronized on subscriber channnel
including NGW attributes.
In Global Configuration Values of this driver, "Action On eDirectory
User Delete" and "Action On eDirectory User Disable/Enable" are set on
"Disable the GroupWise Account".

I think these rules are applied but do you know how I could keep the
old mails when renaming a user ?

Many thanks in advance for your help,


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