Im trying to synchronize the *Login Expiration Time *between the Meta
and Prod (NDS2NDS), the problem is that when I change this attribute in
the Prod it is not reflected in the Meta and nothing appears in the DS
trace (no warning or error). when I migrate throught the driver in the
Meta it's applying the changes.

I have IDM 3.0 and iManager 2.7 in the Prod and iManager 2.5 in the
Meta. All other attributes are synchonized properly.

I noticed that this attribute consists of date and time in the Prod and
in the Meta, only the date field is there. (Please check attachment)

Can any body help please.

|Filename: Prod&Meta.jpg |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....chmentid=1425|

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