Hopefully a quick one.

We have IDM 3.02 running on three Netware 6.5 SP6 servers. One server
in the "production" tree and one server handling requests in the "IDM"
tree (with the third server in the IDM tree doing nothing).

Not long ago, the main server in the IDM tree had an issue with the DOS
partition and couldn't boot. I was able to get it running again and all
is okay for now.

I thought having another server in the IDM tree with all the replicas
on it was enough. It doesn't appear that it is. I installed IDM 3.02 on
this server thinking I could just point the drivers to it instead.

Bottom line, In iManager (under Identity Manager Overview), can I just
add this new server to the list of "Running on Server(s)"? Do I need
to do anything special on this server or is being in the TREE and
having IDM installed enough in case their is a disaster.


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