I'm now configuring the third-party JDBC driver to connect
oracle. with e.D. But the driver I deployed does not work fine.
Here lists the situations.
1st, I have an e.D 8.8 on my server with JDK1.4
2nd, I have copied ojdbc14.jar to the right place.
3rd, I have got all parameters right to fill in, including SID,
IP, Username, and password.
4th, The server with e.D could visist the server with Oracle on
port 1521

But the log tells me that the connection failed.
Here's some Log information.
<error-code description="connection lost contact">
<error-code description="connection refused | could not
establish connection | database serer not started | connection
<!-- connection refused = SID is incorrect -->
<!-- could not establish a connection = wrong IP
address -->
<!-- database server is not started = start
<!-- connection timed-out = adjust firewall TCP timeout
settings -->
<error-code description="must be logged on to server">
<!--error-code description="resource busy">
</error-code -->


Any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance!

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