Hi all

I have some XML code where I am looping through a set of
EmployeePositions on a User Object, and I want it to perform some
different behaviour on the first run through. The goal is to be able to
write an additional value of 'PrimaryPosition=Y' for the first position,
but set this to PprimaryPosition=N' for the remaining values.

I thought this would be easy, but I'm having real problems working out
how to do this !

If I use a variable, it won't let me change it once set and if I use a
xslaram instead it won't let me change it within the loop.

I have also tried using an xsl:choose without assigning a value to the
initial variable, but then it complains about trying to reference and
undefined variable.

Any ideas how I can achieve a loop that has different behaviour on the
first run through ?

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