Hi together,
i have more and more situations, where the sap-hr driver (publisher)
available associations not realized and the modify-event convert to an
add-event. In this case two users, both with associated status for
sap-hr driver and the same event.
*In one case* the query against eDir returns with status 'No associated
objects' and convert the modify-event to an add-event (synthetic add
with error, because user exist). After remove of the existing
association the modify will be processed
<modify class-name="P" event-id="XX-TREE -
SAP-HR:O_511_0000000001093833:P+07130371" src-dn="07130371"
[08/01/08 15:20:08.617]: SAP-HR PT: No associated objects.
[08/01/08 15:20:08.617]: SAP-HR PT: Applying publisher filter.
[08/01/08 15:20:08.617]: SAP-HR PT: Publisher processing modify for
[08/01/08 15:20:08.633]: SAP-HR PT: Converting <modify> to <add>
[08/01/08 15:20:08.633]: SAP-HR PT: Reading relevant attributes from
<add class-name="User" dest-dn="?" dest-entry-id="-1"
event-id="XX-TREE - SAP-HR:O_511_0000000001093833:P+07130371"
src-dn="07130371" timestamp="20080801">
... Channel: Publisher
Object: 07130371
Status: Error
Message: Code(-9063) Object matching policy found an object that
is already associated.

*and in the other case*, the modify-event will be processed as
<modify class-name="P" event-id="XX-TREE -
SAP-HR:O_511_0000000001093833:P+06129799" src-dn="06129799"
[08/01/08 15:20:01.906]: SAP-HR PT: Resolving association references.
[08/01/08 15:20:01.906]: SAP-HR PT: No event transformation policies.
[08/01/08 15:20:01.922]: SAP-HR PT: Applying publisher filter.
[08/01/08 15:20:01.922]: SAP-HR PT: Publisher processing modify for
[08/01/08 15:20:01.922]: SAP-HR PT: Reading relevant attributes from
XX....(right User-DN)

eDir sync issues are not visibly. Can anybody help me?
Thanks in advance

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