Using NetWare 6.5 SP7 and IDM along with the Edustructures SASIxp SIF Agent...

New users (students) are being provisioned in eDirectory but, seemingly, without a password. I've modified the IDM driver to use a preset password but that's not working. When I try to login as one of the IDM-created users, it doesn't even register as a login event and increment the "failed logins" counter. If I reset the NDS password in C1, it works great.

We're not using Universal Password (our clients haven't all be updated with the NMAS stuff) so it should be pretty simple. I did run across this error:

Message 51:
Thu Jul 31 11:32:02 PDT 2008
<status event-id="38F2A2EB0F4D48ADBD31BD73B73609AD" level="error">Code(-9010) An exception occurred: novell.jclient.JCException: nameToID -610 ERR_ILLEGAL_DS_NAME<operation-data escapedCN="ETes9517" origCN="ETes9517" uniqueCN="ETes9517">

I'm speculating that the -610 error (illegal DS name) is generated because the none of the CNs listed are the FQDN. Instead of being "ETes9517.students.FHS.FCUSD" it's only using "ETes9517." Then again, I could be totally wrong :-)

Any thoughts/help would be appreciated.