/tmp/idmInstall.log has:
ndssch -h IP.ADDRESS:524 -t tttt -p xxxx
.CN=xxx.OU=yyy.DC=ysu.DC=edu.T=tttt. /usr/lib/nds-schema/***.sch
ERROR : Unable to resolve the administrator object
".CN=xxx.OU=yyy.DC=ysu.DC=edu.T=tttt.". Verify that the name and
context have been entered completely and correctly. Error description :
No referrals.

I've obfuscated some things, but you get the idea. When I run "ndssch
xxx.yyy.ysu.edu ***.sch" and enter the password, it works. I think the
problem might be that the installer specifies the tree with -t and also
as part of the DN?

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