We have 3 test trees. One test tree, one ID vault tree and a test AD
We have 2 Netware server in the test tree (NW65SP7, Edir 8.8 SP2 and
SS205 installed on all server). I have IDM 3.5.1 BO installed on on
server. In the ID vault we have one 2003 server installed an one
NetWare server(Nw65SP7). Both servers have Edir 8.8 SP2 and SS205
installed. The windows server is a member of a test AD domain. The
windows server has IDM 3.5.1 BO installed on it. The creation of users
in the any of the trees causes the user object to be created in the
other trees. If I use Imanager 2.7 to change the password
synchronizes. We use JRBIMPRT reset blocks of passwords for our
students and this is where the problem starts.


If I use JRBpass or Jrbimprt to set passwords in the test tree The
passwords are changed but UP is not synchronized. If I run a level 5
trace on the server with IDM installed on it I see no trace activity it
I change one accounts using Imanager I see activity. We need some form
of utility to reset blocks of accounts (we can't use iManager to reset
thousands of accounts at the end of each semester). I have also trided
Jrbimport for AD to set the AD password to see if I can get the sync to
go the other way but still no luck. I'm not having much luck searching
the knowledgebase for help.

Any one seen this type of problem?

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