I did a connection test on the IDM-Active Directory connection and
encountered this problem. I disconnected the network cable of the
domain controller with remote loader installed. This is to simulate a
failure of the network card or connection between IDM and AD. After
that, I reset the password of an account in AD and also the
corresponding account in IDM but with a different password. I then
connect the network cable back to the domain controller and waited for
the remote loader to connect with IDM. After it connects with IDM, it
will sync the AD password to IDM and suddenly the remote loader trace
window disappears. I assume that the RL has crashed. I have tried a
similar scenario but instead of disconnecting the network cable, I shut
down the RL. After the RL has connected to IDM, it does not crash and
the new password in IDM is sync across to all the connected systems,
overwriting the new password in AD. My objective is to see which
password will eventually be synchronized when an account has 2
different passwords set when the connection between IDM and AD is down.
Is this a correct behaviour for the scenario where the network cable is

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