IDM 3.5
Netware 6.5 SP6 (ID Vault)
Windows Server 2003
One way sync of userids to AD from eDir

I have some basic points that need a little clarification

1) Scenario - Say my AD driver still running on Netware loses contact
with the Remote Loader on Windows for some reason. While this connection
is lost (but the Ad Driver is still up and running on Netware) we have
some fresh users created in the ID Vault. I discover the connection has
been lost and restart the driver a day or so later, and connection is
resumed to the Remote Loader.

Do all the users created in the period of lost connection get cached by
the AD driver and synced to AD once the connection is remade?

2) Scenario - Say my AD driver on Netware is either not loaded or
crashes (ie not functional). In this period as above new users are
registered in the ID Vault. As the driver is not running presumably no
possible caching of newly created user objects takes place in the driver.

To get the users created in this driver downtime period over to AD, in a
large and complex tree, presumably I would have to do a manual 'Migrate'
of the whole of our users container in the ID Vault rather than a
'Syncronization' to detect and move any new users to AD?