I have my Windows 2003 32 bit servers running IDM 3.01. One of the 32
bit servers has the remote loader and all have the password filter.

To get password filter running on Windows 2003 64 bit I loaded IDM 3.51
password filter - no remote loaders.

On the 64 bit systems the pwfilter.dll is loaded but it does not seem to
send password changes.

The test is I used AD user manager and reset a password while connected
to a 32 bit box. I see the user update in the loader. If I perform the
same on the 64 bit box I do not see the password change get passed to
the loader.

If not compatible do I just need to update the connected systems to IDM
3.51 or do I need to update the vault (NetWare) and my Zen server (Windows)?