I posted this on the eDirectory forums, but it was suggested I post here

I've got a situation where I need to extend my eDirectory schema to include
sendmail alias object classes & attributes. I've got the LDIF and can
create the classes/attributes, so no big deal there. The caveat to this is
I NEED (or at least would REALLY REALLY like) to have some relationship
between a the USER object classes Internet EMail Address attribute & their
sendmail aliases attribute for storing their email address. I have IDM and
thought of attempting to create associations for users, but some users have
4 or 5 or 6 aliases and that would complicate the entire IDM environment.
If it's possible, I'd love to link the users email address to the sendmail
aliases sendmailMTAAliasObject attribute so that if a user was deleted the
sendmail alias would be deleted and if the user was renamed the sendmail
alias would update accordingly. I'm using the sendmailMTAAliasObject is the
object class and the
attributes are sendmailMTAAliasValue, sendmailMTAKey.

The 2nd thing I'd like to do is link a custom object class i've created for
cell phones so that the cell phone number attribute on the cell phone object
class would always stay in sync with the mobile attribute of the user who is
assigned that device. I have the users DN in the cell phone object as an
attribute so the relationship is partly built. I'd just like to build in
some relationship within the directory so I wouldn't have to code all the
possible conditions in IDM.

Thanks for any feedback!!