Hi Sir/Madam,

I installed edir8.8sp2, IDM3.5.1, Imanager 2.7, server 2003 active
directory and domino 6.5 under same server for testing purpose and
created driver set for active directory and notes, there is no error
for active directory, but notes driver got below error message when
started. I'm using notes driver with remote setup as recommended.
Application Password and Remote Loader Password is same, Notes
Certifier Password is correct input. Any one has idea how to fix it? If
this error was fixed, will continue to setup driver shim in the official
implementation guide of IDM3.5.1 driver for lotus notes.


"Message 1:
Thu Jul 17 12:45:47 GMT+08:00 2008
No description provided.
Code(-9046) Invalid password specified for <check-password>."

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