Hi again: Being new to IDM I have many questions even after
reading through several pdfs on the subject. I have several
questions with regards to a proper setup.

1. The docs recommend setting up an independent partition
for the driver set. Should I create this partition directly
below my organization partition (o=) or should it goes
further down under the partition which contains the server I
plan on installing IDM (ou=x,o=y)?

(Note: We have a flat directory structure with three ou's
under the many container.)

2. Has anyone successfully installed idm351 bundled edition
to sync edir an AD server running windows server 64-bit? I
have read this many not be possible.

3. For us uninitiated in IDM, can you point me towards a
HOW TO or cool solution which describes a simple
installation of IDM for eidr to AD syncing?

4. Finally, if we are running Groupwise can I omit the GW
driver and just rely on the built-in functionality of
GW/edir for handling passwords/accounts?? really want to
keep this simple.

With the above, I an unfortunate in that I do not have the
luxury of a proper test environment. Thanks for your help,
it is great appreciated, Chris.