Hi all

I'm in the middle of an upgrade project from IDM 2 to IDM 3.5.1 and
we're using a phased approach wherby we have installed a new IDM 3.5.1
server alongside the existing IDM 2 servers and will move the drivers
over one at a time.

Our user accounts are being created via a text driver on the IDM 2
server, and there is a SAP driver on the IDM 3.5.1 server that will
create the SAP account.

I have implemented a veto on the SAP driver so that it will only try to
create a user if the attribute "description" is set to "sap_test".

The problem I am seeing is that if I take an existing user, and modify
the description field to "sap_test", then nothing happens. It doesn't
even seem to generate an event on the IDM 3.5.1 server.

If I change a field such as "surname" though, this will generate the
event and then everything works as I expected.

My question is, why doesn't the "description" field change generate an
event ?

Is the driver clever in that if it sees an eDirectory sync arrive for
an attribute that is not in the filter, then it doesn't bother to
generate an event ?

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