Thought I would contribute the following after my own experience of
battling through the documentation and fora. The server i installed
onto had a standard OES 2 install on linux SLES with imanager and
remote manager installed.

How I installed the user application

note - it took me more trial installs than this describes but you can
rm -rf /opt/novell/idm until you get it right - just make sure that
you don't have anything else there before you start installing or
removing :->

Firstly downloaded the iso image and organised the licensing.

Logged in as root.

mounted the iso image " mount -t iso9660 -o loop /dev/cd /mnt/tmp"

copied the linux install to my /root directory

then cd'ed to software directory /root/Identmgr

Ran the JBossmysql.bin file - pretty much accepted the defaults and
used root as the user - might be worth trying a mysql user instead.

This installs a jre in the idm directory /opt/novell/idm

Added the userapp driver into edirectory using imanager.

At this point if you have remote manager installed on the OES server as
I did - the easiest thing to do is to move the remote manager from port
8009 to 8010 - you can do this by logging in to remote manager and
there is a config button. Restart novell-httpstkd - and change any
shortcuts you have to refelect the changed port number - otherwise
jboss will not work as it wants to bind to an agent on 8009 by default
- there are other ways to fix this but the documentation is a bit

Then ran the user app install with the jre i.e.

/opt/novell/idm/jre/bin/java -jar

During this install you get to configure various parameters but if you
/opt/novell/idm/jre as JAVA_HOME and also as JRE_HOME it works a treat.
it puts this path into the files so you don't have to
mess around with setting JAVA_HOME and JRE_HOME

Test various bits and then start mysql from the mysql directory i.e.

then jboss with /opt/novell/idm/

then start the userapp driver with imanager

and try to log in - should work. After this look for TID 3620160 to
start the jboss and mysql database automagically.

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