So we have a JDBC driver, running triggerless against Oracle.

What I have noticed is how much faster a resync is with Trace off than
with on. Now to be fair, Father Ramon, Aaron, and others have told me
this before, but I figured they were just stodgy old gurus being
difficult when they said that.

Anyway, I noted that a user resync event takes about 3 seconds in the
lab at trace level of 3. At trace level of 0 I see each one complete in
200 ms at the beginning and seemingly faster at the end (100 ms). So
for 8000 objects, that is a HUGE performance boost!

So what I was wondering if I could on event resync, send an email, send
an audit event to Sentinel, and set trace to 0. (It is just an XML
attribute of the driver object).

But I need to be able to detect that first event. Looking at the trace,
I do not see a distinct event that I can act upon.

Any ideas?