I am trying to start and edir to edir driver. I have to Vaults IDM and
EDIR. If I start the driver on either server it starts fine as long as
the driver on the other server is stopped. I am using port 8196 on
both. Not sure if they can use the same port number in both directions?

I was wondering if when I setup my NDS2NDS Driver Certificates I might
have done this incorrectly. I assumed when they asked for first driver
they mean local driver, and second driver means remote driver.

So in setting this up on my IDM server it asks to specify the Driver DN
for the first driver. I pointed to the edirectory driver on the IDM
server and for the second driver I point to the driver on the Edir Server.

When I did the NDS2NDS Driver Certs on the Edir server I pointed to
edirectory driver on the EDIR server for the first driver and the
edirectory driver on the IDM server for the second driver.

I am not sure I understood that correctly.