So I'm looking into setting up a web portal for users to change their
forgotten passwords via Challenge/Response, and discover that IDM has
this capability available through something called "Portlets". So I do
some digging, and come across the configuring of the UserApp IDM Driver.
It seems all things begin here.

The documentation seems geared at setting up a fully-functional IDM Web
service, and involves the user of Designer to configure directory
abstraction layers and all. Seems like a lot, so my question is is all
of this needed to get the basic "Forgot Password" Portlet to run? By
chance, is there a CoolSolution article or some step-by-step guide to
setting this up so I don't inadvertently hose my IDM install?

I got the basic driver installed, and took note of the IDM.war file
that gets deployed, but I so far haven't seen how this ties into the
Apache server yet (I wasn't alerted to any configuration changes thus
far). So I figured I'd poke in here and see what people might



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