Currently we have just moved to IDM 3.5.1 and I noticed something
strange with the dirXML-PasswordSyncStatus attribute. Here is the

eDir to eDir sync, nothing special... Pretty much a canned driver.
The connected system only syncs once you set a specific attribute to
When accounts are created this attribute is set to "False"
dirXML-PasswordSyncStatus lists the driver and states: "Code(-8032)
Operation vetoed by policy."

Perfect so far... But then the following occurs when the attribute is
set to "True" to enable the sync with the remote system. The account
syncs perfectly and I can even login with the correct password.
However, the dirXML-PasswordSyncStatus is still saying: "Code(-8032)
Operation vetoed by policy.". When I check in the UserApp the Password
Sync Status page says "Warning".

After the user's password is changed the dirXML-PasswordSyncStatus
reports cleanly with no errors.

To head off eventual support calls, I'm trying to fix this small
"quirk" before I take it to production. Has anyone encountered this
before, or perhaps have an idea on where to look?


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