I am using the i5os2.0 bi-directional driver and doing a one-way
synchronization from IDM to AS400.

I associated an id in IDM with a user profile on AS400. There was no
modification made to the profile. I noticed that the CPU% for the
I5OSDRV driver was 377.5%.
Any idea why this could happen?

I am suspecting that the size of the trace.log file may be a problem
(it is 704M). I stopped and restarted the remote loader. After this the
CPU% was .0%. Then I opened the trace.log file and searched for a string
in this file. While it was searching, I checked the CPU% of I5OSDRV, and
it had shot up to 92.5%. That's why I am thinking that the size of the
trace.log file could be the problem.

Is the size of the trace.log file the problem or is it something else?
If it is the size, then how can I reset the trace.log file?

Any help on this will be much appreciated.


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