Just received the following information from one of our Notes guys about
the upcoming Domino 8.5 (late autumn / Q4 08):

"Notes shared login allows users to start Lotus Notes and use their Notes
ID, without having to provide Notes passwords. Instead, users only need to
log into Microsoft Windows using their Windows password. Unlike the Notes
Single Login feature in earlier releases, Domino 8.5 does not use the
Windows password for the Notes ID file. Instead, it stores a secret used
to unlock the Notes ID file in a secure way, provided by an external
mechanism. Domino 8.5 uses a Windows mechanism, so the secret will only be
accessible by users who have logged into Windows.

A Notes ID vault is an optional, server-based database that holds protected copies of Notes user IDs.
An ID vault allows administrators and users to easily manage Notes user
IDs. When IDs are lost, new copies are easily recovered from the ID vault.
When users forget their Notes passwords, administrators can provide help
instructions that are displayed when users click the new Forgotten
Password button in the Notes login window. Authorized personnel can reset
(change) the passwords, without requiring access to the ID files or the
vault. Or a custom self-service agent can be used to allow users to reset
their own passwords. Policies are used to assign users to a vault, and
copies of the user IDs are uploaded from Notes clients to the vault
automatically after authentication with a server once the policy has taken

This potentially could help with the current problem of syncing
passwords from IDM to Notes when the ID-file is at the user's own computer.

Anyone knows if Novell is looking in to enhancements in the IDM driver for
Notes in context of this information?

Toralf Lote