So I have begun delving into User App and provisioning. for those of
you used to IDM, it is basically a separate product entirely that shares
shockingly little between the two. Beyond being able to spawn a
workflow out of IDM, and read attributes from eDir while in the UA. (I
am simplifying, but try it, the more you use it, the more you realize
how dissimilar the two are).

I think there are a lot of powerful synergies in bridging the two
feature sets. (Like ECMAScript coming to IDM, and so on).

A personal issue for me is the inability to leverage the GCV's set in
the IDM world, inside UA. This one seems kind of silly to me, since it
is a reasonably simple function to write, and should just be included in
the UA/Provisioning interface.

There is a bug open, at:

If you are a customer and this is an issue for you, would you mind
chiming in to explain why this is an issue to help push its relevance to
the product team?