I came across this little issue for the first time this week. I am using the Peoplesoft driver and we made a change to the component interface to include some additional attributes. Everything worked fine in test so we moved the change to production on the peoplesoft side.

When I added the new rules to my driver though and restarted it all I could get was an error that said the schema from the CI could not be read.

Changing to a level 5 trace I could see where the driver was not reading the new attributes in the CI. So I tried doing a schema refresh from the schema map iManager interface and no dice.

I then pointed my test environment to the production peoplesoft side to confirm that that side was working correctly, which it was.

As a final pull my hair out before I called for support, I restarted eDirectory on my engine server and that flushed the old. Then when I started the driver it read the new schema. I don't remember ever having to do this and I would think simply restarting the driver should have worked. Is this a bug? Restarting a dozen drivers was a bit inconvenient.....

IDM 3.5
Peoplesoft Driver 5.1
People Tools 8.22