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As you can see in the title, the upgrade is pretty violent.
I wonder because the configuration parameters in the two drivers (the
old and the new one) are not the same. In particular, in the old one,
there were a "lib path" field that doesn't appear anymore in the new
But the problem is not here. We use a remote loader to connect to the
PeopleSoft server and the idea was to reuse the old configuration (i
mean that a component interface was already configured).
Of course that doesn't work, first because the psjoa.jar file wasn't in
the remote loader directory and then because I read that the component
interface jar file must be placed in the remote loader directory too.
I found the psjoa.jar file on the server (from the previous
installation) but nothing about the component interface jar file.
My problem is that I don't undertsand how the previous installation
could work. I repeat that the only difference in the configuration
between the old and the new driver, was this "PeopleSoft Client Library
Path". But no trace of any jar or java files.
If there's no other solutions I will rebuild the jar from the
PeopleSoft Designer Application, but this makes no sense to me.

Thank you if you're a little bit familiar with PeopleSoft and his


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