Does anyone use the PW Notification Service Driver seen in the Cool
Solutions? This one? ''

I'm confused by the Java class section for this driver. If anyone has
used this on OES Netware, I'd appreciate some clarification. The
following is what I'm referring to:

[ com.brummelhook.dirxml.utils ]
Utility java classes for dirxml. Currently implements B64Converter to
help accessing octet string attribute values .

-Command line usage:
java -cp bh-dirxmlutils.jar com.brummelhook.dirxml.utils.B64Converter
[-B64toHEX | -HEXtoB64 | -DecodeIntruderAddress] string1 [string2

Policy usage:
1. copy bh-dirxmlutils.jar to your dirxml/idm server, make sure it's in
the class path
2. define a java name space in your policy, e.g. : <policy
xmlns:bh-B64Conv = " nxsl/ java/ com. brummelhook.
dirxml. utils. B64Converter"/>
3. call the desired function from xpath, e.g.: <token-xpath
expression="bh-B64Conv:B64toHEX($current-value)"/> -



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