Hello dear Novell experts

We are currently upgrading a couple eDir8.7.1/DirXML1.1.a to
eDir8.8.2/IDM3.5.1. In the documentation, they say everything must work
fine and I think when it works when we start the old drivers on the new
The context is the following:
We installed the new couple eDir8.8.2/IDM3.5.1 on a new server in the
same Tree and the start the replication.
We also have an iManager 2.7 and want to use the IDM Overview.
We see all (old DirXML) drivers but clicking on one lead to the
following error:

Error: Identity Manager 2.0 Conversion

The conversion of the driver's configuration to the Identity Manager
2.0 format cannot take place at this time. The driver is associated
with a server that does not have Identity Manager 2.0 installed.

The conversion seems to failed because the old DirXML engine is always
We try to use Designer to make the conversion and the deploying works
fine, but the previous error still remains.
Can somebody give me his light ??

Thank you very much for your help

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