Since moving our SAP driver to a new server, we're seeing a strange
problem whereby it doesn't seem to detect user creation events.

For background, we had a single server running a TEXT and a SAP driver.
A user would be created by a Web Page that would generate a document for
the TEXT driver which would initially create the user in a "reserved"
OU. The SAP driver would veto the creation of the SAP account as the
user was not in the "live" OU.

The Web Page would then be used to enable the user. This would create a
document for the TEXT driver so it moved the user from "reserved" to
"live" within eDirectory. The SAP driver would see this move into
"live", and would now create the user a SAP account.

Since moving the SAP driver to another server, it seems that the SAP
driver is not detecting these moves correctly and does not try to
create the user account. There is no association generated on the user
object for the SAP driver and all I see in the trace is a
"resync-entry" event for the user on the subscriber channel.

If I then go and edit the user's Surname in eDirectory, the SAP driver
will see this change, realise the user doesn't have an association and
then go and create them in SAP correctly as it should have done on the

So, it seems to be a problem of the new server running SAP driver
detecting user moves from the TEXT driver running on the other server.

If both drivers are running on the same server it all works fine, it's
only when we are running them on seperate servers that it is a

Both servers have a replica of the user object and the driver sets.

Anyone have any clues ?

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