Hi everyone,

I'm wondering about some stuff regarding the roles and the entitlements
(i'm using UserApp 3.6 and the Role Based Provisioning Module).
I want to be able to add one role and this has to add/create
dynamically the entitlement attached to this role.
Actually, the problem is that i want to add the roles using the role
administration/management panel of the UserApp, and they got to use
Here comes several technical problems:
- I have to create a entitlement at the same time and then, put the DN
of this one in the nrfEntitlementRef attribute (which seems to have a
special structure) of the role freshly created. Maybe this may work but
i'm not sure it's the proper way to do it.
- Second problem, if i successfully created my entitlement, how will
it be treated since i cannot dynamically add a rule in my driver to
process the entitlement (or i don't know how to do it).

Well if by any chance, someone know what way is the proper one to
design such a thing, please notice me !

Thanks for support,

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