Hello Forum

I have the following Policy rule on the subscriber command
transformation, to make the IDM 3.5.1 GW Driver move the User Mailbox
from one postoffice to another, when i manually move the eDirectory
Object, to a new container, in this senario i uses the Container GW
Attribute ngwDefaultPostOffice to make the placement for the new
postoffice that the user is moved too. it also seems to work allright
and the user and the GroupWise attributes when seen in C1 looks okay,
but the driver keeps comming with the trace error like this here below,
and it seems like it ends up looping in this state like it never really
finishes the Move.

I was wondering if anyone sucessfully did make GW Accounts move between
postoffices with the IDM Driver.

- Michael

=========================== trace ===================================
<nds dtdversion="2.0" ndsversion="8.x">
<product build="20070208_1058" instance="primary" version="3.5.0
(linux)">DirXML Driver for GroupWise</product>
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
<status code="Move Event was not processed."
event-id="metadir#20080603124758#1#1" level="warning" type="app-general">
<code>Move Event was not processed.</code>
<description>Invalid reference to GroupWise. This is OK if it occurred
on a modify event that is generated by a move event or because of
performing a graft operation in ConsoleOne.</description>
<status event-id="metadir#20080603124758#1#1" level="retry"
<description>Move or Modify pending</description>
15:14:13 93FFFBA0 Drvrs: primary ST:Resolving association references.
15:14:13 93FFFBA0 Drvrs: primary ST:Requesting 30 second retry delay.
15:14:13 93FFFBA0 Drvrs: primary ST:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \META-TREE\multi\servere\idm\IDMDriverSet01\primary
Channel: Subscriber
Status: Retry
Message: Code(-9006) The driver returned a "retry" status indicating
that the operation should be retried later. Detail from driver:
<description>Move or Modify pending</description>
============================ trace =================================

============================ rule =================================
<description>Move User to New Post Office</description>
<if-operation mode="case" op="equal">move</if-operation>
<if-class-name op="equal">User</if-class-name>
<do-set-local-variable name="UserLocalNewPO" scope="policy">
<token-src-attr name="ngwDefaultPostOffice">
<token-src-dn length="-2"/>
<token-local-variable name="UserLocalNewPO"/>

============================ rule =================================