I am trying to use AD driver and manage exchange account in
exchange 2003. I got the following error from driver trace when I
tried to create populate the exchange attribute on the person
(homeMDB,mailNickname and proxyAddresses). However when I logged in
Active directory the three attributes were populated on the person, and
when I logged in to exchange server, I saw the email box was created.
Any idea why I got the error message. I a using IDM 3.5.1 on a Linux
server. Both AD and exchange environment have ADSI Edit installed.

I also have a question about
"msExchMailBoxSecurityDescriptor". When i use the exchange task wizard
to create a email account, msExchMailBoxSecurityDescriptor was set
properly. When I used the driver to set those three attributes,
"msExchMailBoxSecurityDescriptor" was not populated. Do I have to
manfully populate this attribute? Is there a predefined attribute in
eDirectory I can use to map to msExchMailBoxSecurityDescriptor?

=================Error Message=====================

15:38:02 8BCEDBB0 Drvrs: NA ST:
<nds dtdversion="1.1" ndsversion="8.7">
<product asn1id="" build="20080229_143300"
instance="\DEVLIDVTREE\esc\idm\driverset\Active Directory"
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
<status level="error" type="driver-general">Unable to bind to Active
Directory object for Exchange management
LDAP://na1000dst02.testna.testds.XXXX.com/CN=AAAAA,OU=Users,OU=1000,OU=Locations,DC=testna,D C=testds,DC=XXXX,DC=com
user DS0000SVC-IDMAD, domain testds, password ***, auth 0x0201, hr
<status event-id="10181767-10181768" level="error" text1="adsi"
type="driver-general">Unable to bind via ADSI -- ADSI error 0x8007202a
-- The authentication mechanism is unknown.
<operation-data AdminEmail="bto_test@JNHATTO-1.na.ds.XXXX.com"
VarAccountCode="AAAAA" VarMailZone="1000" VarSystemID="1000"
rootEmail="root@sttidm01.XXXX.com" workforceID=""/>

Thank you

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