When a single-valued attribute value changes in the vault, and the
connected LDAP directory does not have the old value as it's current
value, the 'wrong' thing is being done. For instance, if the event
from eDir looks like this:

<modify-attr attr-name="homeDirectory">
<value timestamp="1211326031#2"
<value timestamp="1212018091#2"

The LDAP command issued to the connected LDAP directory is this:

LDAP Modify: uid=xpaul,ou=people,dc=umich,dc=edu
LDAPModification: (operation=delete,(LDAPAttribute:
{type='homedirectory', value='/home/xpaul'}))
LDAPModification: (operation=add,(LDAPAttribute:
{type='homedirectory', value='/home/paulx'}))

and the resulting error is this:

LDAPInterface.doLDAPModify() Modify Error: LDAPException: No Such
Attribute (16) No Such Attribute

What would be better (for us anyway) is if the driver issued replace,
rather than delete and add. Anyone else face the same problem and
solve it in a clever way? Am I being dense and missing the simple


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