Today we did a migrate from the Vault to MAD in our live enviroment.
Containers, Groups and Users migrated very fine. But some users are not
migrated at all, almost 30% from the Users. I know that when they have
not set the UP and the currently password does not meet the requirements
from the Password Policy in the Vault and in MAD (the Policies are the
same) the user will not migrate.

But we have a strange thing, what I think it has nothing to do with the
Password (policie) at all. I can see in the Remote Loader Trace Screen
(level 3) that there is some problem with the "naming". I'm now at home
and can't write the exact error, I will post it tomorrow. But is looks
like this: two rules of loging for each user which will not migrate
into MAD with this error: .........naming="false"..............

I have to admit that a lot of (old) users are created in NWadmin and not
Console One or iManager. So can it be possible that the useraccount is
missing some attributes?