Custumer are using DirXML 1.1a and AD-driver to an old AD.
Now wants to sync to another AD. Decided to "not touch" the old
installation, cause its working, and will go away soon.
Instaleld IDM 3.5.1 Bundle on another Netware server, created a new
Driverset to hold the new driver.
Server running NW 6.5 sp7, and iManager 2.7.
He has RBS configured, and when logging in ti iMan on the new server
the only thing that is showing up is the Overview link.

Checked the installed plugins and 351 is there.
When configuring RBS it says that the plugin is installed.
But it doesnt work...
Men klicking reinstall in RBS config it fails, and says
"Error: Reinstall module request failed.

Anything to do with that there have been 1.1a tn the tree aswell?

Any ideas?