I have three servers (X1, X2 & X3) running Netware 6.5sp7 (the hardware for
server X3 is one month old, X2 is three years old, and X1 is six years old)
and one new server running Windows 2003x64 hosting AD and Exchange2007.
We're a small office, so the only thing I really want IDM to do is ensure
that the password for user BOB is the same in both eDir and AD. Also, I'd
like to be able to create a new user in eDir and have the same user
automatically added to AD. Assigning the AD user a mailbox I can do manually
at a later time.

I'm reading through the IDM 3.5.1 Installation Guide and I see that it wants
to have Novell Audit, Database Services and User Application Provisioning
installed. However, the System Requirements for the User Application are
Linux versions of OES or Windows 2003 Server 32bit, neither of which I have
in my environment.

The database system requirements don't specify an OS, so I'm hoping that I
can make do with a version of MySql running on one of my Netware servers.
I'm not going to use the AD box for MySql, not with it running MS Exchange

My questions are:
1) considering what I want to use IDM for, do I need the Audit, Database and
User Application provisioning components?

2) if these components are necessary, on which of my servers would you
suggest I install the User Application Provisioning? Or can I?

3) If a database is required, will a MySql one running on Netware 6.5sp7 be

4) Lastly, for what I want to do, would going with the DirXML Starter Pack
that came with my original Netware purchase be sufficient? Would it work
with Windows 2003x64 and AD?

I look forward to your response.