Here is the scenario. Each user belong to a number of groups and I have
it stored in the database. I am relying on the JDBC schema mapping on
the group object to place the user into these groups. I ran into
problem when I try to build a policy in JDBC to remove the
securityEquals attribute when I see the groupMemebership attribute is
being removed. In the policy, I try to put in a condition when the
groupMembership change from a current value to NULL, I will remove the
securityEquals attribute with this current value. The problem is I do
not know what the current value is. Does anyone know of a better way
to do this. Is there a way to get an attribute value that is going to
be removed or there should be a different approach in placing user into
a number of groups that cannot be hard coded or derived from within the
driver? Thank so much for the help.

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