we're currently implementing a second and third redundant server to host
our IDM drivers and want to use a simple hot-standy approach where we
manually issue the drivers on the fall-back server to start.

Using dxcmd.bat, some LDAP and some Java I've come pretty far and am
able to implement a process that sets all drivers to auto start, starts
them, move the audit database to the new server and so on.

To get exactly the same driver configuration on all servers I want to
automate the function of "copy data" that can be done via iManager.
First of all I can't find a way to automate it - e.g. using dxcmd. Is
there some kind of Java Interface etc. that I can use to copy the

Next problem is, that when I use "copy data" function from iManager, I
get every configuration details copies, but not the passwords! I tried
it several times - but when I copy data (inluding passwords) from one
server to another all config values except passwords get copied. Is it
necessary to use the same keys on all systems in NICI etc? I suspect
that the passwords are copied but not correctly interpreted on the
target server as they are encrypted. We use eDirectory replication
between our servers without any errors though...

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Sebastian Rieger