I have an environment of IDM (3.5.1) and Active Directory connected by
an AD Driver. There is a Provisining form using a workflow to get the
AD Domain group access for different Users of Vault. Provisioning is
done perfectly.

But now the problem is Users need the accesses for a certain period of
time. let say 90 days. I have to deprovisioned them from those groups
after 90 days and that will done automatically.

I think Work Order driver can do the trick. But my question is how can
I let the driver know the End Date for which the perticular user needs
the access and the privilege will be taken off. I am using a filled
named 'End Date' in that provisioning form which each user has to fill
up when they are requesting for a perticular group privilege in AD.

If someone can give me some shot of idea how to start with, will be
cordially appreciable.


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